Someone say hi to me, and it’s kinda make you flashback to certain times in your life you spent with that person. Aaaand, I’m intrigue to open some of my old writing in my notebook. Most of them was made during some broken-hearted period. I don’t know, I think I feel more creative during that kind of situation. It’s very personal and a little bit cheesy, but it would be a waste not to be published.


Another tears come down

You’ll never know

I’m down right now


I must say goodbye

‘Cause it’s not fair if I stay

Build more bricks in my heart

It’s over and it is hard


Now I’m sitting next to you

With fake smile and decent laugh

If you really a man with heart

You should know for me it’s hard


I believe when you say sorry

But I mean it when I say goodbye

You’ll be regret to let me go

I’m the best you’ll ever know



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