Trumpet Lights

Hello friends,

I wanna share two books that really caught my attention lately. They are “Membunuh Indonesia: Konspirasi Global penghancur Kretek” and “Perempuan Berbicara Kretek”. Both of the books talk about the tobacco industry in Indonesia. The first book is controversial because it provides you some shocking facts about the industry and history of Kretek (a kind of cigarette-Indonesian cigarette). Since these books are controversial, esp the first, you won’t find it in the bookstore nowadays, they’re banned. If you’re curious, you can buyt it here, it’s the only online bookstore that still sell these books, I bought it there too.


I found a very talented illustrator. Oh how I love his artwork. Huebucket aka Chalermphol H. Here’s one of my favorite.


Currently, I’m listening to Chris Brown’s new album, FORTUNE, it’s kickin ass wohooo!

See ya on the next post 😀

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