I just bought a pair of new shoes and I realized that I already have too many shoes. It’s really hard to say no to shoes.

Anyway, Dera is back from Sydney and we’ll meet soon. So many things to catch up and wow time flies so fast and we’re getting older.

Sometimes, memories can be cruel. But the older you get, the wiser you are handling all those cruel memories. That’s the point of being a grown up.

Welcome home Dera, have a great holiday!

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2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. derazakir says:

    Thanks doy for your blog! Yeah, we have to know everything happens for a reason.. I just read what you had written so I hope we will becoming wiser and wiser day by day. Don’t give up with the messy city like Jakarta. Just be perfectly sure we will find a better place to live with the next good memories :)) Sayonara!

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