There’s no other blogsite

A friend asked me why do I use wordpress, and not tumblr instead.

When I started writing in a blog (like 5 or 6 years ago), the most popular blogsite are blogspot and wordpress. I’ve tried blogspot, multiply, tumblr and some blogsites, but WordPress actually my first blog and turns out the only blog I keep managed until now. I deleted my blogspot and my tumblr is abandoned.

The reason why I still love wordpress is because I use my blog for my writing, and wordpress give exactly what I need, a blog for writing. That’s just enough for me. And I think wordpress has far more great blog writers than other blogsites, you can find some of the best at its homepage.

I found out blogspot is too cluttered, tumblr is crowded with blogger-who-only-reblog-others, so this blog is still the best for me. And I’ve tried to managed several blog at a time and it didn’t work out for me (hail to those who can).

One at a time is make your life simpler 🙂

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