The Baby That Made Me Cry

Today, I fell asleep at the office and had a really sad dream.

I was in a mall. The mall was kinda futuristic, it looked like I’m in the future, I guess. It has escalators that could move between floors (like in Harry Potter movie) and silver metal interiors.

Well, there, I was older, like 30-something woman, wearing formal suits. I might be a respected person or maybe the owner of the mall.

That day, there’s some kind of event, so the mall was crowded with kids and parents spending their time, full of laughter. Suddenly, one of the escalator got out of order and kept moving between floors, and unfortunately there were kids on it. Some of them wearing uniforms and maybe around 7-8 years old. I panicked. I tried to called some help and ordered my employees to turn off the escalator and put safety net below them. Other visitors started noticing that there’s something wrong, the panic was spreading. The escalator moved faster and the kids starting to scream and trying to hold as tight as they can to anything. The escalator didn’t stop. There were two brave visitors who jump and tried to reach one of them.

Meanwhile, there’s a mom holding a baby, who also got stuck at the escalator, jumped into the safety net, still holding her baby tight. I saw my employee trying to get them off of the net, and calmed her down at the net side. I got near to them and I saw a confused expression at the mom’s face. She looked at her baby,  and then looked at me, and said: She’s dead.

I just couldn’t believe it. I reached to her and she handed me her baby. She was a very young baby, her face was innocent and peaceful. I hold her in my arms for awhile. She’s already dead. I know that she’s already dead but I just can’t accept the fact that she’s dead. Some part of me felt guilty about it. Then what I did next was screaming to my employees “YOU GO GET AN AMBULANCE! BRING THIS BABY TO THE HOSPITAL AND MAKE SURE SHE’S DEAD OR NOT!” I kept scream and scream to them like crazy. But they were just do nothing. They just stood there and looked at me with face full of fear and sadness. I didn’t know what should I do. I just kept screaming.


It was a really sad dream. When I got up from my sleep, I told my colleagues about this dream and I cried. Then when I got home tonight, I told a friend about my dream and I was almost cried too.


It was really sad. Holding a dead baby in your arms. Sad.

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