Tears for Fears

I am walking out from a building. This building has a back entrance right way through its backyard where people park their cars and bikes. I’m waiting for him to come. I’m not alone. I’m with a friend.

“Where’s he?” he ask me.

“I don’t know.” and we keep waiting.

… And finally he come out from that building, walking towards me…

“Hey, sorry I’m late.”

“It’s ok. Can we go now?”

” Mmm, I have to tell you something. I cannot go with you.”


“Because I can’t. I need to go to some place else.” His face’s showed bitterness and sadness, and then he walk away from me.

And then my right eye really hurt so much. I don’t know where it came from. I think I cry, but I’m not. It’s just really really hurt I feel like something cut through of it. It hurts so bad it make me cry. A thick felt-like blood came right through my eye. I touch it. It’s blood-alike transparent liquid. I don’t know what it is. The next thing I know, I run after him.

“Hey wait, look, my eye’s bleeding.” He check out my eye.

“You’re gonna be ok.” He smile and then he left.

…I came back to where my friend stand, crying…

“It hurts so bad.”

“Let me take a look at it.” Then he check it out. There’s a white hole in my eye where the thick blood came out.

“Here’s the money, go to a doctor. I cannot cure you.”


…And then he smile at me, and left…



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