Fly fly fly the butterfly…

It’s January, 17th 2012. A new page of my career will begin in less than 24 hours.Yup, I get a new job at Fifty Four Communications starting tomorrow. It’s a small advertising agency here in Jakarta. I got this job unplanned and suddenly. It’s like almost a year after I submit my application there as a copywriter. Why did I accept this job? Simply because I’m still curious about working in advertising and I feel like it’s time for me to get bigger responsibilities.Working in advertising always known for its tight schedules and deadlines but most importantly you have to challenge yourself everyday for a new fresh idea for advertising materials. One thing that I wanna do since I learn about advertising in uni is becoming a copywriter, so when there’s an opportunity to be one, I gotta say yes.

I want to share a little story about my employment at Townsquare Group.This past year has been a great experience for me working for a company which run shopping malls. Working there didn’t feel like working cause you can always find entertainments and stuff. If I wanted to shop, there’s a lot of stores, if I wanted to watch movies there’s a theater, if I felt bored or hungry there’s a lot of restaurants and cafe. The people itself feels like a family since it’s not a big company. I met a lot of people from electricians to managers. There are a lot of stories in that 0ffice that I’m gonna missed. For my team and a lot of nice people there, I love you and keep up the good work. Though we’re not working together anymore, you’re always be my friends and family.

It’s really sad to leave a place where feels like your second home. It’s really is a tough decision to leave but life must go on, and you gotta learn to get out from your comfort zone. So, I hope Fifty Four could be my other home in the future. I already met some of the guys and so far they seems nice and fun. Here comes a long night of deadlines and heavy workloads. Challenge accepted!

With Sexy Santas :).

The full team.

Goofing around while working at New York Eve Party.

At our trip to Tidung Island.

Halal Bihalal event at Talaga Sampireun.

At Miss Joana’s Bday Part at Mang Engking.

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2 thoughts on “Fly fly fly the butterfly…

  1. joana says:

    Fly fly fly, The Butterfly… In the midow is flying high, In the garden is flying low…Fly fly fly, The Butterfly *suara Ala sing a song* …

    Helooow dodoy!! Kita akan lumayan sering bertemu, wait for mama nana blog yaa… Hahahaha…

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