Toothpaste Kisses

I’m literally smiling when i’m writing this post. I just got back from uni, dropped Teddy at Citos. When we were talking, there’s a little girl, a curly ‘bule’ (indonesian slank languange for a foreign people) girl, maybe around 3 or 4 years old came to me and KISSED ME. She kissed me suddenly. It was really a surprise and literally made me happy. Not long, her father came and said sorry to me smiling, and I said it’s okay, and then they were gone.

I was also had a nice chat with a bule man on last christmas. Citos hired Sexy Santas to celebrate christmas. I supervised them while they were entertaining visitors. And then, came a mid-age man, asked to take photos with the santas. After took some photos, he asked me to send him the picture via e-mail. He gave me his email which is a french yahoo. So I asked him whether he’s french and he seemed very excited telling that he’s french and he’s happy in Indonesia. We chatted for a while. He asked which part of Indonesia I come from and I’m very surprised that he knew Batak, Jawa, etc. He said Indonesian girls are pretty and told me that he was here to visit his family and spend christmas together. He was a really nice person.

Sometimes, the people you least expected could really make your day. It could be nice short chat with a stranger or even a kiss from a little kid who’s out from her parent’s eyes. It’s one more thing to be thankful and feel blessed everyday.

Happy New Year guys 

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One thought on “Toothpaste Kisses

  1. Thanks for your description. I like to make out the print Marcy

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