Dealing with my routine and kinda boring here. Unfortunately my college is in holiday and I’ll be a full time worker until Sept, 26th.

Yeah well, lemme tell you about my work since I think I never told my work story here. I’m dealing with digitital media and other promotion media of a mall in Jakarta, Cilandak Townsquare. It’s such a cool mall, I guess, since it’s more like a row of restaurants and cafe. The people I’m working with is pretty cool and much older than me.

Anyway, I can’t sleep now and looking for something to do. And then I remembered, how’s my InterAd entry? I just kinda forget it after I submitted. Hell yeah, whatever, I’ve tried my best.

By the way, about last week I bought 4 pairs of shoes at once. This shoesaholic’s kinda freak me out. I just wear one of them until now, because if my mom find out , she’s gomma be on fire, cause I had too much shoes at home.

Oh yeah, maybe u’re wondering why’s the title doppleganger? Nothing special. I just love how it spelled and sound, and I’m a big fan of How I Met Your Mother series. Barney Stinson just LEGEND wait for it DARY!

Time to go, hope to catch up with u very soon, and hopefully not in a crap talk like this, haha! Bye!


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