Is there a soulmate for everyone?

I just wondering, is everybody have a soulmate at work?

I think so. I think I had twice and I heard some stories that make me believe me believe that there’s 2 person who really connected in doing work. I know a an Art D in an advertising agency who got a new job, and then few months later his copywriter join him in his new company. They said they feel really connected doing work together, and yes they had made great ads and won some award.

I’ve been thinking, is it all about working? For me, it’s not always work. It could be personal thing. I think I had met one in my previous job, a lot of common made me enjoy working there, and even though we don’t work together anymore, we still hangout and connect in a lot of other things.

Like Carrie in Sex and The City said we could have more than 1 soulmate in this crowded world. I haven’t found a new soulmate in work yet in my new office, but who knows maybe time will show. I promise u when I get one, I’ll tell you every detail, maybe I could make How I Met Your Mother sequel, titled How I Met My Working Soulmate.

So, have u met your work soulmate yet?



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