Dream a little dream

hi, i make list of anything i wanna do before 25 šŸ˜€

1. jackpot
I drink alcohol but never throw up. The drunkest i ever been was unconcious, but never throw up. i’m really curious about it. I know it,s not good, it’s a bad thing actually, but i wanna through it. And when I do that I wanna scream “Seumur hidup gue gak pernah jekpot! Akhirnya gue jekpot man!” Well if i am in such a bad condition that make me forget what I wrote here, please make me do it, i beg you šŸ˜€

2. Go overseas
I wanna have a vacation in a country so far away, like South America or Turki, or maybe Germany, coz I adore that country since I was in high school. I don’t care with whom, as long I get there, and having fun.

3. Get scholarship for Magister
I love learning and don’t wanna stop forever. I hope I could get scholarship hopefully in other country, but Indonesia’s not bad too. Maybe I’ll take bussiness or communication (again) or psychology.
4. Get an award
My heart still in advertising world. After I get my bachelor degree I wanna work in an agency and make great ads. And those ads would bring me to the awarding night of advertising festival like AdFest. I know someone who had been entering 14 festival before he get his first award. It needs hard work and I’m a hard worker.

5. Cum Laude
Why I put this in the last? Now I’m taking night classes, after work. And believe me, having 2 responsibility at one time isn’t easy as you thing (or I think before). But I wanna do the best in both. I made it at UI, and I’m gonna make it the second time.

That’s it for tonight. Maybe I’ll add some more on the mean time. Cheers!!



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