Spare energy and the rockstars

When I was a little girl, I often imagined myself being a Hollywood star, pop star, rock star… Hahaha yes, I always love rockstars, they’re very cool and so much energy around them. Jumping around in a stage like no one else there, breaking the rules, and don’t care so much about other people. In fact, I was just a smart girl, always got good grades, entered top schools (yes, I’m  really proud of this). Everybody always expect the best from me, and it’s no problem until one day in your life you wake up, and realized what’s happening.

You grew up and pushed down this child energy for years, and going on for the other story of your life, get a settled career, buy things, get married, having kids, and die. Most of us walk in almost same journey. The energy of your childhood’s dream buried in the bottom of your brain and replaced by the same pattern that our brothers, sisters, parents, grand parents, and everybody else has gone for century.

I have this theory that they’re not gone forever, they’re just lay there waiting the right moment when you let it burst out. I call it spare energy. When I feel down, losing hope and don’t have passions to start on something, I put that energy back. Sometimes, when I need my spare energy, and it all already used up. So, I go out and get another from my friends, colleagues, a stranger in the bus, a taxi driver, or anybody else, because you don’t know where you’re gonna meet those enthusiast.  I am once met a really cool taxi driver that made me laugh hard and really made the highlight of my day (I’ll tell you later about this story). And sometimes, when I stuck in a traffic, or in a jammed road, I remember him, and it doesn’t feel so bad anymore.

I always try to keep my spare energy bag full. What for? To be a rockstars once in while, like my childhood dream. I didn’t become a rockstars, but I wanna build those energy in whatever I’d become. Nobody knows what the future are, but I got a spare energy to boost up through the hardest time of my life.

Take your spare energy out, have fun with your friends and grab the mike, put on your costumes, jumping around, till the morning called you up and then back to reality, meet a cool person, and get more energy! YEAH!

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