Break your heart

Being drunk in two nights  in a row is not so good. Not good for your mind or your body.

Believe me.

The first day, I stay up all night just laugh, doing silly things, having fun with my friends, and got crazy. It’s like the night will never end, and you went home and still can’t sleep because you’re too excited too sleep.

The second day, the hangover wasn’t gone yet, and lack of sleep make you gone bad mood all day. And then you went out with other friends and got drunk again. But this time, all you wanna do was sleep. Yes, I don’t know know if  it’s only happen to me or other people out there. But I just wanna closed my eyes and sleep. And I didn’t care where I was, whose shoulder I laid on, or what people gonna say about me. I don’t have to spread all the details, I guess. And then my friend had to took care of me, and came home in the morning, and went to sleep, again. When I woke up I felt so hungry so I ate some food, too dizzy to stayed up so I slept again the rest of the day. I woke up and realize I passed out all day. What a so-not-great way to spent your weekend.

Okay. It’s enough for this post. I need some more sleep time.

Lessons to learn:

– Don’t get drunk in two days in a row.

– I you had to drunk, make sure there’s someone to take care of you or get you home.

– Take some Aspirin.

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