Mochi-Mochi and Moshi-Moshi

Yesterday, I found a box of mochi in my dining table. I take a look inside and found there’s 3 balls lying there. Wow! I never try this mochi brand before. And I pick up the classic-looking white one. One bite.. and it’s superb! I really want to take another one, but I’m afraid it’s someone’s. In the morning I opened my refrigerator, and voila! the box’s still there! I asked my mom and she said I could have it. So now, I’m eating the mochis here in my desk at my office.

The white mochi is a typical other mochi, with mungbeans (kacang hijau). The second one is green. I don’t know what it is but I think there’s green tea there. It filled with mungbeans too. The last one is black. I thought it was very cool black mochi yeay! And it taste a little weird but also unique. It covered with black sesame. It filled with mungbeans and sesame too.

Well, basically I like mochi very much! In fro-yo or just simply that Sukabumi’s sold in keranjang. I googled and found out that this one sold in Foodhall. Hmm, I should get another box! Yummy!


The magical black sesame mochi.

When I first saw mochi-mochi I remember ‘Moshi-Moshi that Japanese often use when they pick up the phone. So I’m thinking… why should they say it twice, why not only ‘Moshi’? ahaha silly question, but then I googled and found a really interesting explaination.

The reason has to do with ghosts and ghouls. Ghosts have a long history in Japanese culture. According to the historian, saying ‘Moshi Moshi’ twice was the way to prove you were not a ghost. Apparently ghosts can only say ‘Moshi’ once! Hahaha so that’s the reason! The people believe if the ghost call out to you only ‘Moshi’ and you answer, it could steal your soul away…So in order to prove that you are a nice, warm-blooded (and hopefully harmless) human being, you say ‘Moshi-Moshi’ twice, just to be on the safe side. This also goes in making phone call.

You wanna read it yourself? Fine, then go here.

Okay, that’s for today. Oh I heart knowledge!… and food… good food. Too many thoughts here in my head. I really should get back to work. Bye!

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