it’s good to be free

today is october 15th, well 10 days to go to payday!

what happened in our basecamp? there’s a lot of virus flying around us ya know… one of them infected Dera, she has a fever! before her, Tante Pili and ii-chin got one too. me? i hope not! well i’m the kind of person who rarely got sick, but.. when i got one, i almost can’t go anywhere, even if it’s just a flu.

and so many oasis’ songs floating around here. too bad noel left the band because i’m much in love with him! ya know he’s like the bad-boy-turning-into-great-father kinda thing, so sexy! and as everyone know he’s the “machine” in the band. most of the songs written by him and in my opinion, a lot of oasis’ songs is better sung by him than liam. if there’s a chance u guys (noel or liam and his beady eye) comin to jakarta i would never missed the show! so, come here please 🙂

and he’s so great here, check it out!

thaks for reading!



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