i wish i saw a rainbow today

hello guys, i miss writing in blog again. seems like forever for me and i’m missing it. is it a good sign?

by the way. i’m telling you how’s it going with me nowadays. well, i got my fisrt job at MRA Media Group in Charlie and Lola-In the Night Garden magazine. this is a pretty new magz here in Indonesia, less than a year i guess. and yes i gotta handle things with kids and their world. i’m not surprised, because i got a lollipop brand for my final project. it gave me a lot of experience with children. well, fate came to me like  i was destined to deal with kids.

i’m gonna tell you about my team, yeaayy! our division is like a loud rooms, with glee song playing at volume 10. please don’t be surprised if u walk by our office and hear disturbing voice, and screams, and out-of-tune song. it’s us-honestly, including me :).

there are 5 person here in my division. My (cool) boss, named mba rara, is a GLEEK. a total one. she has a cute daughter, azella, that sometimes come to the office and hang out with us. she’s such a smart-cute-little-princess. mba rara herself is beautiful yet fashionable editor in chief. and i really like her style too. when you talk to her, you really can tell she has a lot of experience and wide knowledge. practically, she’s a nice and warm boss.

Cinta aka ii-cin (Azella called) is a chinese woman i think really cute and tiny. she wear sunglasses and dress casually, since she’s an artistic designer. her fav. wardrobe is zara kids, since she has a tiny body. i love to disturb her from her mac. please be careful around her, she loves to bite.

Fitry aka tante pili is a feminin girl, always look charming and sexy al the time. She’s a typical “anak gaul jakarta” that always shown up in hip event and club. she and I often in a similar situation and having similar problem. and we both love to spend our random night around places and cafes and other hot spots. She’s really have the passion becoming auntie, a talkative auntie, i guess :). well, she’s lovely and easy-going person.

Dera is the newest member of this team. She has a very wild imagination you can’t even think about it. I prefer to called her a freako-weird-cool-girl. Well, she seems like to have the most straight-path life. Sometimes she said something she didn’t really mean, like “minta duit” jadi “minta gunting”. and she’s a justin bieber’s fan. and i don’t know why she hates sungkar sisters VERY MUCH.

and me, hehehe. it’s not fair to tell you about myself. coz i’m gonna tell you the good things 🙂

i’m just gonna keep up here and have fun. and so do you. see ya!


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2 thoughts on “i wish i saw a rainbow today

  1. nobieachin says:

    lalala, the chinese woman.
    i’ll bite you again! soooonnnn.

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