a short note and a thought

Jakarta is the city where i live most of my life. though many people say it sucks, full of pollution, dirty, bla bla bla, i never had a doubt that i really enjoy living here.

Jakarta inspire me so much about life, dreams, and hope.

The street’s is someone’s home. Even the garbage is someone’s source of living.

I found beauty in the ugliest thing i ever see and history in a bunch of wrecks. So sad, but beautiful.

The people’s desire to survive in the city they called METROPOLITAN. The spirit of staying alive, of reach another level of life.

Those kids running around in the streets, like it was their playground.

I wannabe one of them. Being happy of what i already had. Hoping but not insisting. Trying but not resisting.

I want, if you meet me someday in Jakarta, you inspired something about bravery, toughness, basically anything. Because  i wanna inspire people, i wanna be the cause of some movement, and being known for what i have had work very hard.

i wanna be remembered,

like i’ll always remember you.

Thanks Jakarta, I love you 🙂


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