it’s my office hour. And now i wake up on 6.30. Yes! maybe some of u still dreaming at the time.. well i do, before i work here šŸ˜‰

i got my forst real job! haiyaa it’s exciting really.

it’s been a week here at this cool company, I’ll tell later about some cool stuff here.

We wear casuals to work. Yup! those jeans, t-shirt, even shorts (hummp, my boss did). Since i’m new here, it’s a lil bit awkward at the beginning.

It’s not my dream job actually, but i think it could be a jump start since media is a good networking place!

And the people here so inspiring, since they care about fashion, lifestyle, and it showed in how they dressed and act! I learned a lot from them.


pairs of every colour!

3 hole black doc mart for sure!

knee high socks, cause it’s really cold here…

Alexa Chung’s Mulberry bag. I won’t refuse in any colour! šŸ˜‰

backless ruffle dress from bloomingdales, so sexy..

new jumpsuit, my favourite!

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