magang time

heloo long time no see. so sorry i didn’t update my blog for such a long time. i called it busy days, hahaha

anyway, i spent a month for internship at Grid Communication, located at Tebet. it’s a  month programme being a copywriter. oh it’s so much fun there and i made a lot of friends also.

okay first i’ll tell you about my job, copywriter. actually when i look back, it’s one of my resolution this year, to get an internship at an advertising agency.though it’s just a local agency, the environment is so fun and comfortable. maybe cause they don’t have many employees so it’s so family oriented. i got a real job also, making headline, tagline, and A LOT concepting for radio, TVC, and print. and i got a chance going to a pitching, wow it’s so heartbeating. i made some video too about the consumer insight that we go to ITC ambassador and Cempaka Mas to find housewives to be interviewed.

and there i made a lot of friends too. and we still contact each other sometimes. we shared a lot of story there. there’s a time when the office was empty because they went to photo shoot. so we’re kinda bored, me and rio decided to watch some movie. and you know what we found there? there are rats at the movie! it’s 21 cineplex Blok M plaza. weeeeww, it’s so disgusting, i would never go there ever again. and rio told the cleaning service there to be concern about that, ahahahah.

and at the last day of internship, we go to some coffee shop around tebet and cit chat for a long time before we went home. w took a lot photo too :). before we leave the office, rio found a calendar at Fauzi’s desk that written wisdom words that said: ” perkenalan singkat bisa berbuah pada pesahabatan yang panjang” . i think that’s really us, heheh


2 thoughts on “magang time

  1. indra says:

    that would be wonderful kalo gua ikutan hahahahhaha, -_- —-> iri

    blog lo lebih bagus ndoy, saya link yah..:)

  2. windadodoy says:

    hahaha habisnya anda ttidak masuk bareng deh ah. yaudah ntar gw ajak kapan2. harus mau ye 😛

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