i got a bad day

Well now 1.41 am,  and I feel really sad. I got many problems today. I hate it it made me cry.

A problem still caught in my head for the last 3 days  that made me can’t sleep at night or even think clear. Obviously i think it disturb my concentration, everywhere. you know how it feels when you really wanna be honest but you can’t? You couldn’t tell anyone else so you keep it in your head for yourself.

That’s what happened to me right now. And I hate it. Really.

I wanna cry one more time. I promise,  just one more time.


2 thoughts on “i got a bad day

  1. wanda says:

    knp wind? ada apa crita”lah sama saya…

  2. windadodoy says:

    ahaha sudahlah sudah lewatn:))

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