Recommendation-A lot


I watched many great movies that I haven’t share with u all. These are movies with a strong story and filled with good messages. Anyway from all the good movies I ever watched, I wanna thank abang2 DVD (who the name I forgot) who always give recommendation to me. I’m impressed how you know everything about the movies that you sold. Here some of them:

The Guitar, directed by Amy Redford. Story of a woman with cancer that’s just predicted only had 2 months life by her doctor. How she spent everyday of her life with a break up with her boyfriend and at the same time got fired from her job.

American Violet. This is a story of justice. When skin color become a reason for someone to get jailed and how a young woman survived and faced the racism in the court of justice.

Shrink. Even a Doctor needs a Doctor. And you can found how Hollywood’s life isn’t always happy-all-the-time, it also had its darker side in its people’s life. Everyone had problems but don’t live with that, just found your happiness on your own. Dear Frankie. Whatever happened with you mother always be there for you. Especially if you have a deaf child, only mother who would sacrifice and fight for her child’s happiness. Well I do still believe that truth always be better than lie.

Mozart and the Whale. Everyone deserved love either the people who live with autism. Two persons with Asperger syndrome could be a happy couple if they could deal with that and filled each other’s holes. And I just love Josh Hartnett’s emotional act, whatever the role he still charming and handsome!

The Class. This is a story of a wonderful, kind, and patient teacher. I would be very happy if I had a teacher like him. And the students here are a very bad naughty kid.

Okay, from all these movies I really like Mozart and The Whale! And Teddy already wathed it and had the same opinion with me. Have fun with the movies, Ciao!


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