Recommendation-The Boy in A Striped Pyjamas

This movie tells about Bruno, who really bored of his new home. He found a way in his backyard and meet Schmuel, a Jew kid. They’re become friends in secret. Bruno’s father is a German’s soldier and assign to that place to supervised Jew hostage. This movie takes place when Hitler signed his hate and demolished Jews in German.

I could say that this movie is stunning, like a typical other festival movies. It shows us how cruel Hitler’s era from a different view, by a story of friendship. The story is so powerful and the visual is stunning. This really is a great movie!


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3 thoughts on “Recommendation-The Boy in A Striped Pyjamas

  1. Adhitya says:

    gua juga udah nonton ndooy…ujung ceritanya kayak nyekek tenggorokan gua gitu..serem ngebayangin kalo harus idup dizaman kayak gitu..but Karma is really working, eh..*psst:this is Gilling, visit my site, i’m the new bee*

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