Recommendation- VANTAGE POINT and ONCE

vantage_point_08I got 2 movie recommendations this week. Well, this week is my first week of this semester  and it gets really busy in the campus, so I haven’t get a chance to visit my dvds seller (a. k. a. abang2 dvd). So, I would share 2 of my movie collections. The first one is Vantage Point. It’s about a murder of the president of USA in Spain. Actually from the story side I don’t feel much different from the other heroic-action-movie. But I really appreciate the idea of the execution. This story brought up from 8 points of view of the character. I think I’ve read somewhere that they shoot with 8 cameras from different angle of the character. And the truth reveal pretty shocking at the end. Well, I want to salute the Director and DOP of this movie, because they made an action movie become a very interesting movie. And for me, this is one of the best Whitaker’s appearances. An intelligent movie and intense thriller.

once3The second movie is Once. This is a music film about a guitarist/songwriter and a Czech girl who play piano. They get to know each other and they found connections in his songs. I have to tell you that all the songs in this movie are great! I even search the mp3. Well this is an indie movie I guess and it already won some awards too. This movie tells us the meaning of commitment, dream, love and friendship. It’s a very simple movie, though touching and inspiring. Well, that’s my recommendation. Enjoy!

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