gift and giving

I open my dictionary and found there is 13 or more explanation about the meaning of this word.

In our country people mostly give a present in special occasions like birthday or wedding. And lucky me (or not?), I grew up in a family that don’t  do giving present in birthday or christmas. My parents prefer to give money than a gift. Well, not bad actually, but it’s kinda stick to me until now. It’s become principal I guess. I don’t like giving a birthday present. I give when I want to give, no occasional reason.

I noticed that giving is not about the gift. It’s about whom you give and what do you want to say. Just like an ad, hehhehe. Well, I don’t know why I keep connect everything with advertising. I think because I love this world so much. And It proves that we can find ads everywhere, hehehehe.

Okay this is an example,

U gave an agenda to ur bestfriend. It’s just it. Nothing special, it’s just end up as an agenda. No more.

But if you give an agenda with a note like,

“Use it and lets see in the last day of this year, how many days had we spent together.”, or

“Let this agenda be your bestfriend when I’m away, will always be a place for you to share.”

You make a mark there. It’s not an agenda anymore, it’s a prove for your friendship. It will make him/her remember you every time he/she see or write it. For me, it’s not about the gift, it’s about the meaning of the gift.

I don’t wanna spend my money for a gift that wouldn’t mean anything, and I think u’re too, right? Well, I don’t give present very often. The best gift I ever give to someone is a video for my bestfriend. I gotta wake all night to edit that video, but I feel really god damn happy about it. And she feels really happy too when she saw that (I guess).

See what I mean, a gift should mean something. And that something mostly means love. For you and me..


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