boys vs girls

I don’t know why suddenly want to write about love again. It’s just spinning in m head and I can’t stand not to write it.

I remember one of my favorite self-help book, he’s just not that into you by Greg Behrendt. If you already read the book you’ll easily understand what I mean, but I think it’s a reality that most of people will understand. Well, I wrote this for boys, so they don’t have misunderstood about girls again. And just remember that this is only my opinion, I just wrote it to share it with you. Enjoy!

The book said : Girls build castle of romance in their head.

I said : Not only girls who build this castle of romance in their head, but guys too!

How can I say that? I didn’t say that I am the god of love or anything. But this situation comes to me lately. I don’t know why they seemed to come in a line!

Okay, let’s say there’s a guy names to Tony, he really like this girl named Tina. He had expressed his feeling, and Tina said that she like Tony so much, but don’t want to come in a rush and they should make good friend first. They keep contact and I could say that they’re pretty good at this.

When a girl said that she doesn’t want to be in a rush they meant it, like boys meant it too! So, don’t say that we’re change or lost our interest of you!

Stop guessing and make perception about that relationship. You already made a deal from the beginning. When the two of you made that deal, you keep continue and show that you ACCEPT the deal!

If you said like “I don’t know what happened to you, why do you change?” that question only make her REALLY lost interest in you. Actually, before you asked that question, ask it to yourself boys! What have you done?

1. You do it too much. It’s annoying, believe me. Or

2. Are you really think that you already done enough? Or you just texted or myspaced her or some other thing that I and say IT’S NOT REAL!

Girls will never say those sentences to you. Why? Because we think you should realize that on your own. Well, I think you should realize those things by themselves, not to be told by someone especially your crush. And basically, we think of your feeling too, we are a soft hearted creatures, we don’t hurt someone by a little mistake they made. And you know, actually we still have hope in you.

Girls don’t like feel intimidated, well I guess everybody don’t like it either. But, when girls do something you push it, in the end it’s just disappointment and you will regret it.

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