flying high to the moon

well i just came home from bintang’s house. the idea was spontaneous to go there and have some drink, ecause we feel bored and need some refreshment.

so we bought some bottle of beer and snacks. and then we started to chit chat and sing along awhile until maul suggested to play truth or dare. actually its just truth and truth because in the end we just tell the truth about ourselves.

i just feel tonight we were very honest and after i knew stories behind them i became more sensitive and caring. i think its not about their background, but how can you accept them the way they are. thank you friends! i learn something from you all today!!

love you.


4 thoughts on “flying high to the moon

  1. eirra says:

    u know im very itch itchy to think about repost this to GG,, hahaha
    well just wanna say dont really believe that they was telll the truth. ha-ha!

  2. windadodoy says:

    ahahahah well its not like whwt ure thinking happened there’s no one drunk. and we were talking seriously, and i believe their stories because what they tell me wasn’t something easy to tell. ahahaa up to you bro!wanna join sometimes???

  3. jeanne says:

    Hahaha arrie arrie,u r to apathetic..
    Ndoy,i dun think he wanted to join 4 gettin drunk 2geta with u(instead,actually u didnt get drunk,because u good drinker,lol)
    u had 2 see ur bro’s xpression when wando texted him about what would u guys gonna do in bintangs house,,he told us when we were still in hysteric..
    Hey i laff that quote
    “dont really belief that they was telling the truth” hahaha apatis abis

  4. eirra says:

    yeah maybe im a quite apathetic kinda guy! np ppl! its an important thing i think.. haha
    hmm.. r u sure? looked kinda freak-out u mean? hmm huahahahaah btw yea i hope our advertising brtothahood will gettin closer to each other like a family!

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