the princess

theprincesssultanasdaughterThis book tells us about Princess Sultana’s life since kid until Perang teluk on 1991. She is a Princess in Saudi kingdom that witnessed how women in her country, is abused, threatened, and used like a slave and unworthy.

The stories are about the discrimination of women in Saudi. How they live their life in a country that praised men.

Well, I think this is a great book. It’s so touchy and emotional. I never imagined that there are women in other part of the world in such position. There are two other books that launch after this book, which tell about Her daughter’s life. This book has become an international best seller around the world.

I learn:

1. 1.There are others that not very lucky in their life.

2. 2.Appreciate and thanked about my life.

3. 3.I can reach more than I am now, I just need to try harder. I haven’t push it to the max.


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