How do you know someone is into you or not?

Well,I kinda experience this. For some time I like this boy. He’s kind and friendly but I don’t know him very well yet.

Maybe it’s usual for boys to ask the girls about their feeling, but it’s kinda weird for girls to ask boys first, right?

And for me, it’s tiring to guess and guess about his feeling.

Actually, I know him and he know me not for a long time. Because conditions and environment, we often meet and interact. I like him, and I think I have already gave signals. And also, his friends already tell him about my felling to him. But as time go by, I still can’t read his feeling about me. Is he into me or not.

Well, while me and my friends stuck in the car in the way to Senayan city yesterday, we talk about this topic and I asked them about my case.

Eirra said that girl should not ask boy first coz it make yourself cheap girls. He said u better wait for him to give act and give response.

But Jeanne said you can expressed your feeling without became aggressive, because u just want him to know, not for more than that. That’s based on her friend, Tya.

And now I’m thinking.. if he didn’t avoid me nor act friendly to me, what should I do?

I decided not to follow both of them. I think I already done enough, and now it’s his turn. And I’ve wait long enough for his response. I decided not to wait and stop thinking about him. So I tried to be friends and who knows future. Maybe he will be into me maybe not. I don’t care about it anymore. So I don’t want to make any move to him and started a new chapter of my days!

PS: Well, from his experience I found a good benefit I think. I be came close to his friends coz they always asking about how me and him get going.. hahaha maybe if this thing never happened I wont get going to them. So thank you man, u made us friends!

I learn:

1. See the good side of problem. Think positive.

2. My friends always listened to me and gave advices, although sometime I annoyed them. (love ya all!)

3. Don’t stuck in one man. He’s not the only man in the world!

4. Maybe there’ someone better than him out there! Let’s find him!


7 thoughts on “How do you know someone is into you or not?

  1. eirra says:

    ooo that is soo touchy! keep fighting in this struggling life siesz!

  2. windadodoy says:

    yeah thank you for ur support bro!

  3. jeanne says:

    check that and may it will give you some inspirations

    ganbatte darl!!!

    support you wherever i am

  4. iput says:

    hmm i totally agree wit yau
    everything has its own insight
    and you can take it even in the time u cant get what u really desire :p

  5. iput says:

    hmm.. i totally agree wit yau
    everything has its own insight
    and u can take it even in the time u feel dat u cant get what u really desire :p

  6. iput says:

    yah jadi dobel begini kan tuh! so sowwyy nda

  7. eirra says:

    gay deh kayanya tu dah!

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